A couple more tips for first time spanish speakers

A couple more tips for first time spanish speakers

Postby mdevloo » 13 Oct 2009, 12:55

A teacher of basic on-the-job Spanish, Deby Jones, http://www.2ndlanguagesuccess.com, reminds new Spanish speakers to not get caught up in over analyzing the Spanish grammar and lets us know that Latinos will understand us even if we are not entirely grammatically correct. She teaches beginners to use just the “tu” and “yo” forms (“you” and “I”) or even just the root verbs and nouns will get your point across. Eliminate articles and don’t get hung up on the “el’s and la’s.” (Masculine or feminine)

For Example:

I need a ladder -->Necesito Escalera (don’t worry about saying UNA escalera!)

Tell Julio to load the truck -->Decir Julio Cargar el truck (Verbs are not conjugated and Julio is implied without using an article.)

Make this level-->Nivel Este (“Level this” Close enough!)

Basic Verb + Noun works!

Ask if they understand: Esta Bien? OK?

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