How to practice Basic construction spanish on the jobsite

How to practice Basic construction spanish on the jobsite

Postby mdevloo » 02 Jul 2009, 09:35

Practicing your Spanish with Spanish speakers in this field is the best way to learn construction Spanish and build confidence in your speaking. If you're out of practice in using any basic Spanish you may remember, I recommend listening to a few audio clips from chapter 0 to get a feel for how some basic words are pronounced. Practice repeating back these words or phrases to work on pronunciation.

Now think of a Spanish speaker to practice conversing with. Think of a few basic questions to ask and practicie with them and anticipate their response. Just like in any English conversation a simple introduction or ice breaker is needed to initiate a conversation. Ask a simple question: “Cómo va todo” (how's it going?)
Or make a simple open-ended comment “Hace mucho sol hoy” (There’s a lot of sun out today) “Están trabajando duro hoy!” (You all are working hard today!)

It never hurts to simply state that you're interested in practicing your Spanish and let the native speaker be the teacher. “Me gustaría practicar mi español contigo.” (I would like to practice my Spanish with you.) Use: “como se dice______ en español” (how do you say____in Spanish) to learn basic vocabulary of items around the job site.

-- practice, repeat, and reference additional items on CasaConstruction
A few simple phrases and basic vocabulary will have you breaking the ice with your Spanish speaking employees. :P

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