SIP construction for framing (structurally insulated panels)

SIP construction for framing (structurally insulated panels)

Postby mdevloo » 16 Jul 2009, 08:42

Structurally insulated panels or sips are becoming a more popular framing method as the energy conscious Green building craze sweeps the home-building industry. The primary advantage of using structurally insulated panels is that they offer a much higher "Rvalue" than a typical 2x6 stick framed wall. their installation may be more difficult and sometimes cranes and heavy equipment are required to lift and set the panels.

Although SIPS cost more than traditional framing materials they offer a wide range of savings on other aspects of the building construction process. Premier building systems, a SIP manufacturer makes the following additional claims about the advantages of using structural insulated panels. (from: )

* Pre-insulated! No need to purchase additional insulation
* Pre-fabricated & precut when delivered to the jobsite: save 20-30% on framing labor
* Electrical is installed 20-30% faster
* Jobsite waste reduced from pre-cut panels -- saves approximately 30% on waste costs
* Tighter house means smaller HVAC systems -- up to 40% savings
* Predictable STRAIGHT engineered product is plumb & square every time = faster install for finish work. Doors/windows/millwork: no bowed lumber = straight walls for faster doors/window/millwork install. Floors: level floors and walls = no need to shim!
* House is dried in faster, subs can start sooner -- fewer wasted "crew" days
* Little to zero duct work required
* No roof venting required in low slope roofing
* Better indoor air quality, smaller or no air purification systems required in many climates
* Buildings & Houses are FINISHED faster! Less interest paid!!
* Qualify for $2000 federal tax incentive to the builder and an additional $1500 to the homeowner
* Warranty!! Does your lumber manufacturer offer any warranty? No. SIPs do.

Although the current version of Casa Construction, exterior does not address sip construction we hope to provide bilingual reference materials for this new important building techniques soon.

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