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0.0 Basic English and Spanish for Construction

Casa Construction Exterior

Description: Casa Construction, Exterior provides a quick and organized reference for terminology and concepts for residential construction projects. Its 16 chapters highlight all aspects of exterior building construction from planning to exterior finishing in a side by side dual language format that gets English and Spanish speaking workers “on the same page.” Use the book as a reference for language and construction concepts as well as a learning and teaching tool. This is a truly revolutionary product designed for today’s bilingual construction industry. A perfect tool for contractors, PM’s, superintendents, and owner-builders.

If you intend to use the textbook in training or teaching you may be interested in the corresponding comprehension test download.

For Orders of 50 or more please contact Mike Devloo for special reduced prices for quantity.
  • Easy to read and reference side-by-side English-Spanish format.
  • Construction concepts explained simply.
  • Keywords, Definitions, and Useful Phrases in English and Spanish
  • Over 150 Photos and technical drawings.
  • Over 200 Web references in both English and Spanish
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Download sample PDFs
from the Book!

I) Introduction, How to Use Casa Construction

II) The Alphabet with pronunciations in English and Spanish

III) Numbers with pronunciations in English and Spanish

0.0 Basic English and Spanish for Construction