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Riding The Guerrilla Highway E-book PDF

Description: Riding the Guerrilla Highway is a true story of a brother and sister's bicycle adventure from Quito, Ecuador to Caracas, Venezuela across Colombia. An incredible ride along difficult, dangerous Andes Mountain back roads. Follow Mike and Suzz up majestic hill climbs to remote villages, historic sites, and natural wonders. Meet peculiar characters they encounter in hard to get to places along their jungle route. Read how Mike and Suzz’s brother-sister bond strengthens as the duo overcomes adversity on the road; enduring crashes on rocky mountain roads, escaping thieves, and Guerrillas. The book is more than a factual narration of an epic adventure, Devloo’s encounters along the 2 month journey provoke thought on deep subjects such as the effect of technology on human existence, and the balance of time, money, and happiness. Devloo touches on these themes as they are revealed through events that occur in South America. Riding the Guerrilla Highway is a true traveler’s tale sure to provoke excitement and awaken desire for adventure in any soul. Travelers to Colombia will get an inside look at the hundreds of places described. The text is littered with photographic descriptions of popular and unknown beautiful places visited along the ride. Feel the heat on the steep jungle climbs and the wind in your face as you lose and find yourself on the Guerrilla highway.

This 160 page 6x9 E-book PDF is viewable on the Iphone, Ipad and other mobile devices. The Special Edition E-book contains over 80 color photos within the text. This special full-color edition is only available on
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