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Access English-Spanish audio clips from the Casa Construction text below! Comment and ask questions related to specific topics.

0.0 Basic English and Spanish for Construction

Casa Construction Exterior Test (For Spanish Speakers)

Description: If you bought Casa Construction, Exterior to learn Construction English or to use in an English training program for employees then The Casa Construction, Exterior Comprehension test is the best way to practice and test what you learned. The Comprehension test is 80 multiple choice questions and is divided into 16 one page tests to correspond with the book’s 16 chapters. The Comprehension Test quizzes both construction English along with some construction concepts. Answers to questions can easily be found in the text and questions are designed to be varied and interesting but not hard! It can be taken closed book, but open book is recommended. An excellent tool for English-Spanish training for construction employees and Subcontractors!

For the test for English speakers to learn Construction Spanish click here
Printing instructions: Download the PDF or Word doc. and print the specific test pages that you want (Print page 9 and 10, to get tests for chapters 9 and 10, framing and roofing.) Check answers with Answer key .PDF or .XLS file provided.

Recommended Use: Distribute Casa Construction, Exterior to employees or subcontractors to learn construction English. Create a program to read and study one chapter a week. Employers can Print and distribute one chapter test per week to employees and the completion of tests can be used in performance evaluations.

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