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Access English-Spanish audio clips from the Casa Construction text below! Comment and ask questions related to specific topics.

0.0 Basic English and Spanish for Construction

Associates and Sponsors

Non-profit organization on energy efficient and green building practices

Building Savvy Magazines, the home building industry journal

A One of a kind Architect, Rachel Preston

Free and Non-Sponsored Links

English-Spanish Translation and Dictionary Websites

Our most used Free Online approximate translator

Another Online Translator

Online English-Spanish dictionary with Audio

English-Spanish dictionary of technical terms

An English-Spanish dictionary of specialized topics

Websites for Learning English

A Spanish website with free English exercises

Free English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

Free English Exercises

English as a Second Language Resources

Type English or Spanish sentences and hear their audio pronunciation

Websites for Learning Spanish

Learn basic Spanish phrases and hear audio pronunciations

Free interactive Spanish Grammar Excercises

Learn Basic Spanish on an English Website

Learn Basic Spanish on a Spanish Website

Learn Spanish In-a-Pinch with trade specfic cheat sheets

Websites that Provide Resources for Building Construction

Basic but complete information on home construction.

Ask questions and view procedures and tips for almost any home construction topic

Free Construction Calculators and Online forum to ask questions

The International Code Council

Affordable housing Design Advisor

A Spanish Architectural resource center

A Mexican site dedicated to water for human use

Free videos that explain construction techniques

Excellent Free cost control and construction management advice for the owner-builder

Articles on a variety of home construction topics

How-to Construction Articles with Photos

Learn about green building and sustainable home design

How-to Construction Articles and Videos

More How-to Construction Articles and Videos

Information on Building Construction in Spanish

Articles on how to make home improvements and repairs

How-to guides for Home Construction and repair

Detailed information on house painting

Articles and products on construction safety

Note: Many more useful construction web references with the addresses to specific pages can be found in at the end of each chapter of Casa Construction, Exterior.
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Casa Construction products are designed to get English and Spanish speakers “on the same page” and improve communication and construction in our bilingual building industry.