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Access English-Spanish audio clips from the Casa Construction text below! Comment and ask questions related to specific topics.

0.0 Basic English and Spanish for Construction

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CasaConstructionBook.com provides complete English-Spanish technical resources for building construction in PDF’s, reference books, and Interactive online materials. The first book, Casa Construction, Exterior provides a quick and organized reference for terminology and concepts for residential construction projects in a side-by-side dual language format. Products like our Guide to Hiring Spanish Speaking Workers for Construction are designed to break down the language barrier and make English-Spanish communication possible for non bilingual people in today’s bilingual construction industry.

View a sample chapter from the first book in .PDF format View a sample chapter in .PDF format
View a sample chapter in .PDF format

Casa Construction Explaination
Good communication on-the-job site is crucial to any construction project. Construction in North America today is a bilingual industry, however most people aren't bilingual. It is important to bridge the language gap in order to have a successful construction project. Costly problems can stem from a simple miscommunication. Casa Construction aims to teach people in the construction industry the English or Spanish or they need to better communicate, and better their construction knowledge. We strive to make the casa construction text the standard field reference for the building construction industry.

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Casa Construction products are designed to get English and Spanish speakers “on the same page” and improve communication and construction in our bilingual building industry.